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Why an educational advisor?

Using an Education Advisor

Why use the services of an Education Advisor?

“As an experienced Education Advisor, I have an understanding of the UK’s education system and an in-depth knowledge of the schools. I have personally visited many of them and have built professional relationships with key staff. As a result I have become an expert in the independent sector in the UK.”

Isabel Alvarez founder and Director of Anglo Education

There are hundreds of boarding schools and colleges in the UK to choose from.

To make a completely informed decision on what and where to study, the course content and ‘personality’ of the school should be considered.

Feeling happy and content at the place you are studying is important for your growth and personal development. We are able to guide students and parents through every step of the journey.

Our Education Advisors represent the independent schools in the UK. We have been working with them in the UK for twenty years!

Key Values:

At Anglo Education Services we:

  • Understand the structure of the UK education system.
  • Have a knowledge of the subjects and qualifications (GCSEs, A-levels and IB), and how these are recognised in your home country.
  • Have visited and built relationships with many of the schools and know their individual strengths and ‘personalities’
  • Take the utmost care and attention when making placements

At Anglo Education we enjoy helping students reach their goals!