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The role of a guardian is to act on behalf of the parents of the international student while their child is in the UK. Their role in the student’s life while in the UK is essential.

Schools do have a long history of offering excellent pastoral care to international students. As well as the boarding schools’ house masters, and the support the school offers directly, there are Guardians who provide further secondary support to pupils

Guardians can either be an individual or a family, and they have a responsibility to work with the school to do everything possible to safeguard the students’ welfare.

The Guardians act as a close link to the students – someone who will take an interest in their work and their academic progress and social development, and who will attend parents’ meeting and be in frequent contact with parents.

The Guardians are a vital point of contact in emergency situations also, for example, if the student falls ill and needs to spend time away from school and unable to return home. The Guardian here will provide care and help out with medical arrangements.

Key Functions of a Guardian

Transport arrangement: To and from the airport, to host families and to school.

Pupil support: Regular visits, pocket money and buying uniform. Helping your child understand new cultures and develop socially.

Arranging family accommodation: During half term, when students are on weekend leave or longer holidays.

Attending school events: Parents evenings, sports events, drama productions.

We recommend that parents use one of the guardianship agencies accredited by AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students). Details are available on request.