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 Testimonial from Brundt about Sonia – B.H.Hazelhoff Roelfzema Ph.D (Imperial College)

From experience I know that to study abroad (in my case the UK) high school English is insufficient. Having taken care of a Spanish student who wishes to pursue her education at a University with English as language of communication, I decided to use the summer vacation before her final year to test and improve her English by way of a summer school. Using the Internet I came across a number of intermediates or agents. Anglo Education and Language Services stood above the rest by way of suggested locations/schools, background information but above all prompt, correct and civil response to my questions. My protégé came back after four weeks, very happy and with grades not expected before hand.

My success at University, by Ismael from Mexico

I’ve been thinking of my weeks here: on how much I’m enjoying myself, how much I’m liking Durham, how much I’m liking my degree, how easy it is for me to talk to people, etc… everything. And this was for a reason: having done my A-levels here in England. 

If I hadn’t done so, probably I wouldn’t even have been accepted, but even if I was accepted, I would be having a tremendously hard time! My level of English would be so poor that I wouldn’t be able to understand anything, from a conversation to a lecture! Not even think of writing an essay… if I’m still struggling to write a proper e-mail. I wouldn’t be aware of English culture, of its peculiarities, its weather, food, people, etc… If I hadn’t studied Economics and Maths, now I would be becoming insane! 

I’m very grateful to my parents for being able to give me the opportunity to study in the UK, and to you (Isabel @ Anglo Education)  for helping me, and ultimately, to myself for having the desire!

Belen (mother) from Spain

Te puedes imaginar lo contentos que estamos todos con la decisión de haber mandado a los niños a Inglaterra…, y mucha parte del éxito te lo debemos a ti, que me has asesorado fenomenal y me has ayudado un montón. Así, cuando me preguntan por el colegio de mis hijos gente interesada en enviar a los suyos, les indico que mejor contacten contigo, dado que tú eres la experta. El que mis hijos hayan cuadrado 100% en uno, no es garantía de que cuadren todos los niños, o todos los padres…. Cada cual tiene sus prioridades en cuanto a religión, ubicación, tamaño del colegio, mixto o no, internacionalidad, etc., etc. Por lo que yo aconsejo que contacten con Anglo Education indicando sus preferencias y conforme a las mismas, se les presentará uno u otro colegio acorde a sus prioridades.

Sara (mother) from Spain

No hay palabras para expresar el agradecimiento hacia Anglo Education, especialmente hacia Isabel Álvarez que ha sido una pieza clave para ayudarnos en la elección perfecta del Colegio en Inglaterra y para nuestra tranquilidad durante el curso académico que nuestro hijo cursó allí, concretamente Year 9 (2 ESO en España).

Durante todo el año estuvo pendiente y disponible de manera eficaz en todas las necesidades y cuestiones que nos fueron surgiendo. La confianza que te trasmite es única.

Es necesario tener una persona que haga de puente entre el Colegio y la familia y que sea profesional en la materia y ella todo este tipo de gestiones las realiza de manera excelente, con el valor añadido de que conoce el Sistema Educativo y los Colegios ingleses a la perfección y a ella también la conocen.

Es perfecta para las familias que no dominamos el inglés, las barreras del idioma desaparecen.

Hemos sido afortunados de haber dado con ella que fue por recomendación de una amiga y que yo recomiendo sin excepción alguna.

Gracias a Anglo Education nuestro hijo ha podido ser feliz y vivir un año inolvidable en Inglaterra.

Nazlin (mother) from Kenya

Natasha is doing fine and preparing for her final IB exams that begin early May. Natasha applied to five universities in the UK through UCAS and with God’s mercy was accepted into all. She has applied to LSE, Warwick, Durham, Bath and CASS. She wants to read Finance. She had to choose two universities and she chose LSE and Durham. She also has offers from Canadian universities.

She has really grown up into a young and confident woman. Once again, thank you very much for all your help in her case. It would have been very tough without your help.

My University Foundation, by Alice, Spain

After contacting with Anglo Education I could achieve a lot of information about foundation courses and choose the one that best suited with my interests. Through Anglo Education everything was easy: the accommodation in family or residence, travel organisation and any other trouble could be easily solved with their collaboration.

Finally, I have to say that the relationship between the personal and the students is friendly and they really involve in order provide you the best.

Many thanks for everything.

Carmen (mother) from Spain

Teresa y Carmen hicieron un gran esfuerzo y consiguieron aprobar todo el primer trimestre porque  les hicieron examinarse de todas las asignaturas cuando volvieron a España. Pero, a pesar de todo lo que tuvieron que trabajar, me decían que no les importaba, que el trimestre en Inglaterra había merecido la pena.

Al principio les costó volver a su vida en España, no te puedes imaginar cómo echaban de menos el colegio y a sus amigas.

No han dejado de pensar  en ellas en ningún momento y toda su ilusión es poder volver allí y reencontrarse con ellas y con todo el colegio. 

My two years GCSE by Namy, from Mexico

I am a Mexican student who studied for two years at St Mary’s Cambridge, a day and boarding school for girls. At first, I was very scared to go to a strange country without my parents, friends or anyone I knew, and I was even more scared to go to a single-sex school (I had been my whole life in a co-ed).

My first days were as you would expect, I felt a little bit sad because my parents were not living with me anymore and all my friends were back home, which in the end didn’t actually matter; I made new ones who became virtually my family. The language was not a problem; I picked it up very quickly; when all you hear is in English, you eventually learn it and even start to forget words of your first language!

Within a month of being in the UK, I was settled down with new friends and living in a lovely school. We had many weekend activities like shopping, cinema trips, travelling around the towns and cities nearby, London (of course!), and we even went to the beach! In which I was freezing, by the way.

Every time we had to go back home for the holidays we felt devastated! We wouldn’t see each other for 3 weeks! (Which I know is nothing but to you, it feel like years).

I learned not to depend on anyone else; my point of view about many things changed radically, I learned to be more aware of what was going in the world, I knew how to look after myself, I learned to handle my money and not to spend it on silly things, I became fluent in English and learned words from many other languages! And the most important thing is that I had the best time of my life, which was the turning point of my life.

I know when you hear that you won’t be home for a year sounds like forever, but trust me, it’s nothing and you and up regretting the first week that you spent missing everyone back home instead of having fun. In the end, you go back and the people that you thought you were leaving are still there, waiting for your return. And the people that you will leave behind in England are the ones that you have to be worried about!

My plans were to stay in England for one year, just to learn English and believe me; I learned many other things than that. I ended up staying for a second year and if I could, I would have stayed there for the rest of my life.