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Home from Home – Intensive English


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Intensive English on a former country estate with grounds extending over 80 acres / 32 hectares. Home from Home gives students a real sense of community and freedom.

AGE: 12 – 17 years old

Maximum 100 students per week from different countries. Limits for each nationality to ensure a good mix.


Experience school subjects taught in English by suitably qualified academics and professionals.

Provide an insight into British Boarding School life.

Encourage students to be independent learners

Develop students’ language competencies in English for academic purposes.

Enhance students’ intercultural understanding for greater international harmony.

Give students an insight into and better understanding of English culture.


Lessons take place in the mornings and afternoons and there is a full social programme of organised activities and sports in the evenings. There are excursions on Saturdays and Sundays.

Subject Lessons will be studied in 3 academic levels, depending on the student’s age.


4 levels are available from Intermediate B1 to Proficiency C2. Entry test on Monday with a speaking, grammar and writing component. Minimum level required is Intermediate CEF – B1.


Evening activities may include:

Blind Date – Bowling – Brighton Pier – Cinema Trip – Disco – Disco Roller-skating – Fitness Activities – Generation Game – Great British Quiz – Karaoke Night – Laser Quest – Nationality Night – Shopping Trip – Sports Choices (tennis, football) – Got Talent – Swimming Gala – Table-tennis Competition

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Residential in school houses. Most bedrooms have 2, 3 or 4 beds and have a bed and wardrobe and sometimes a study desk. Some larger bedrooms with up to 7 beds may also be available. Bathrooms are shared. Some boarding houses have their own communal spaces for students to relax.


A Transfer Service is provided to/from the following airports/stations on arrival and departure days at any time, but preferably between 10.00am and 5.00pm:

• Gatwick • Heathrow • Stansted

ACREDITATION:  British Council, English UK.

DATES:  contact us for details

Minimum 2 weeks


If you have any enquiry in relation to the course, you are welcome to contact Anglo Education:

Tel: +44 (0)1424 429849