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Cambridge Exams (Summer 6-11)

Cambridge Exams for 6-11 years old

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AGE: 6 – 11 years old

A friendly and happy campus which offers each child a breadth and depth of experience in every aspect of their lives. Class sizes are small so each child’s needs can be identified and addressed.


All students have 15 hours of English tuition per week (three hours of English classes each morning), with qualified teachers, in small classes with a maximum size of 12.

The First Monday, students are tested on arrival and placed into classes suitable to their level, age, gender and nationality.

In order to expose the students to two different styles of teaching and two different English accents, each class is allocated two teachers. One teacher takes the class for the first two lessons from 9 to 10 and 10.10 to 11.10. The second teacher takes the class for the third lesson from 11.30 to 12.30. Students taking the Preparation for boarding UK Schools course and studying for the Cambridge Exam will also have different teachers in the afternoons.

Course & Vocabulary Organiser. Each student will receive a Course and Vocabulary Organiser, which is an essential part of the academic programme and used in every lesson. It is a “thinking notebook” with sections for each part of the English learning experience. It also includes a diary, which students are encouraged to complete, a mini-dictionary and poly pockets for storing postcards, class copies etc. making each student’s learning experience unique.

Young mentors guide, support and help international students to develop friendships and model native spoken English.

Afternoons: Extra English & Exam Classes; Sports & Recreation; Sports Academies; Creative Academies.

Late afternoons: Clubs.



Outstanding facilities include art rooms, drama hall, classrooms with a bank of 14 networked laptops with internet access, food technology room, well equipped technology workshops, ICT laboratories, library, music teaching rooms with 13 music practice/individual lesson rooms, recital hall, modern language rooms, medical centre, 25-metre swimming pool, golf course, sports fields, sports halls, playground and a fully equipped physio centre.

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Sports & Recreation

Typical activities can include: Team Games –Aerobics – Swimming – Archery – Art – Athletics – Crafts – Football -Tennis – Model Making – Drama – Dance – Judo – and much more!

Academy Golf – Cambridge Young Learners – Academy Riding – Academy Dance – Academy Swimming

Evening’s activities

A stunning programme of evening activities provides the fun element that delivers the true English summer course experience. Students work hard but play harder!

Typical evening activities: International Nights – Talent Shows – Discos – Karaoke Evenings – Fun Games – Quiz Competitions – House Song – English Fête – Swimming Gala – Mini Athletics – Take Me Out – The Musical and so much more …


Juniors have three, four, five and six-bedded rooms. Each house has a Residential Co-ordinator who is responsible for the running of the house and the health and welfare of the students living there.

Health & Welfare: Students are supervised twenty four hours a day and student health or welfare problems are quickly spotted and dealt with promptly. It is important that students communicate any problems to a member of staff as soon as possible in order to ensure the best care.

Medical Centre on campus

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Standard airport transfer to/from Bristol, Heathrow or Gatwick only available on Sunday at an extra cost for Arrival at the school between 1000 and 1700 hours. Departure is normally on Sunday morning after breakfast.

ACREDITATIONS: British Council; English UK; Trinity College; University of Cambridge; Quality English.

DATES: contact us for details

2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 weeks courses

If you have any enquiry in relation to the course, you are welcome to contact Anglo Education at or Tel: +44 (0)1424 429849