About Anglo Education Services & English Boarding Schools

Anglo Education Services.

At Anglo Education Services, we assist students and their families to apply for admission at independent English Language Schools and English Boarding Schools in the UK.

We are a team of educational advisors with over 20 years’ experience in British education. We understand the value of education and the competitive nature of the independent school admissions process.

Our knowledge and experience in British education afford us the ability to successfully help our clients navigate the process and have results.

We visit numerous independent English Language Schools and English Boarding Schools campuses each year. Performing hands on analysis and evaluate each school’s academic programs, facilities, faculty, administration and students.

Offering informed, unbiased and impartial advice to international families at every stage of the private school admissions process – school search stage through post-decision stage.

Assessing and evaluating student and family needs, discuss goals, weigh the importance of school factors such as: educational philosophy, location, cost, size, athletics, arts, academic rigor, faculty, diversity, multiculturalism, student happiness and placement; and gain a true sense of the range of selection a family has in mind in their research of independent schools.

Is our expertise that will help you!

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