Interested in English Language Courses in the UK?

If you are interested in English language courses in the UK, then you are in the right place. With the help of Anglo Education Services (AES), students and their families can apply for placement at private English language and boarding schools in England.

At Anglo Education Services, strive to continue to shape the educational journeys of students worldwide, empowering them to thrive in an ever-changing global landscape. To find out more about our comprehensive services please read this article.

English Language Courses in the UK

Study at the Most Suitable School and Learn New Language Skills

Each year, we visit a large number of independent schools and English boarding schools in England. We Analyse and evaluate each school’s academic curriculum, infrastructure, staff, administration, and English classes.

Through this procedure, we will provide international families with knowledgeable, unbiased, and impartial advice at every stage of the private school admissions process, from the school search stage through the post-decision stage.

The Role of Anglo Education Services

We are a group of educational consultants with more than 20 years of experience working with English schools. At AES, we are aware of the importance of education and the tough admissions requirements for independent schools.

For international students and their families in particular, navigating the complexities of applying to an independent English Language School in the UK can be a daunting task. Anglo Education Services can help by providing their wealth of knowledge and experience to make the journey easier and more manageable.

English Courses and Expert Study Guidance

As a team of knowledgeable educational advisors with extensive experience in the complexities of the UK educational system. Our in-depth advice covers everything from picking the best school to comprehending admission standards and scholarship opportunities. Our comprehensive understanding of English language learning guarantees that students make wise decisions, matching their level of proficiency and the most appropriate language course.

Extensive Study and School Network

At AES, we have established a sizable network of contacts and partnerships within the education industry throughout our twenty-year history. In addition to facilitating introductions to important school staff, Our network will help an international student by streamlining the application process. Through our network, we can give students knowledge about the ethos and British culture of various schools, enabling learners to make wise decisions.

English Language Schools and Courses

The courses listed below cater to a wide range of students, from beginners to advanced learners. Including intensive language programs, general English courses, and specialised programs like Business English or Academic English.

General English Courses

An English language course aims to help students become more proficient in all areas of English skills. These lessons include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension, and speaking.

Academic English Courses

This English course aims to give students the English language proficiency they’ll need to succeed in today’s global workplace. These classes emphasise the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills with a focus on academic vocabulary and writing style.

Business English Courses

These programmes are made to assist students in getting ready for academic study abroad in English-speaking nations. They enhance job prospects and global communication abilities for a wide range of learners. From entry-level professionals to executives.

Examination Preparation Courses

Student’s overall English language proficiency, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening and speaking comprehension. The main goal of these English level courses is for exam preparation to pass an English test.

Summer Courses

These summer boarding courses give students the chance to have fun make new friends and attend lessons. All whilst working on their English language skills to pass a final exam.

Ready to Study English?

AES has to be your first choice if you’re thinking about studying English in the UK. Our extensive course selection and knowledge of language schools is second to none. Learning English can be tailored to fit any need or budget, and our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you succeed.

Get in touch with us today, you can either contact us by telephone directly or complete our enquiry form. All contact information is available on our website.

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