Summer Courses

Want a taster of Education in the UK? Try English Summer Courses.

Age range: 8 -18 years

Length: 2 to 8 weeks

Course dates: July and August or Easter

Pupils should consider attending a short English course before starting at boarding school or college. Even if a school has offered a place, you must be realistic about the level of your child’s English. Can they write accurately about a complex topic in English? Can they speak fluently and join in a discussion with native speakers of English?

A range of academic subjects provides an introduction to the vocabulary required for Maths, Science, Humanities, IT, Business and the Arts.

Courses for children during July and August (UK summer vacation) or March/April (UK Easter vacation) often include holiday activities. Activities may include discussions, games, problem solving, visits, project work, simulations and practising specific language topics.

For further information, e-mail: and we can help you with the selection process.

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