TASIS is located in the quiet village of Thorpe, Surrey, the spacious and secure campus features a charming mixture of old and new buildings with modernized interiors. Best of all, TASIS is close to international airports, London and all its cultural highlights, adventure parks, and sports arenas.

English Language Lessons ages 11 – 17

3- or 6-weeks courses.  To help each student make rapid and substantial progress in language skills. To ensure this, all levels are taught using a modern dynamic communicative approach in which students can use English actively while studying topics of interest to young people. Students are divided by English level and age.

IELTS Exam Preparation 15 to 17

This intensive course is designed to prepare you for the academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. This British/Australian exam is used by universities and institutions worldwide to assess a student’s level of English for admissions purposes, and it has become increasingly accepted by American universities. You will work on all sections of the exam: Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading, and you will become familiar with strategies to improve your IELTS scores. A placement test is conducted upon arrival to ensure students meet the course requirements.

Elective Courses, 50 minutes each day

Creative Art:  Explore and discover fundamental drawing, sketching, and painting techniques. You will learn the nature of line, space, colour, composition, and form using a variety of mediums including charcoal, pen, ink, pastels, and paint. This elective feature studio work and outdoor sketching across TASIS England’s sprawling private campus.

Graphic Design:  Bring your art into the digital world! In this class you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to use computer technology to design and manipulate drawings, photographic media, and other graphic projects. The course will introduce the principles and techniques of graphic design using the latest computer technology and software. Topics covered will include page layout design, logos, vector-based illustration, and photographic manipulation. Programs used will include Adobe Photoshop.

The Influencer: Blogging, Vlogging, and Influencing, Oh My! Whether to share your passion or sell a product, the ability to create a blog or vlog can put you ahead of your peers as you look to bring your ideas to the masses. In this “How To” course, students will be introduced to blogging and vlogging as a social media platform, business resource, and writing outlet. Topics covered will include introduction to blogs/vlogs, page layout, creative and investigative writing, SEO with Google Analytics, link usage, and online marketing and market research.


46 acres of historic buildings and grounds • Wireless Internet access • 3 Technology Centers • Innovation Center • Library • 350-seat Theatre • Student Café • 2 Gyms with Basketball Courts • Fully equipped Fitness Center • 6 Athletic Fields • 4 Tennis Courts


Living in a dorm is fun and enjoyable. Students find that, in addition to making new friends, living in a community atmosphere helps them to develop independence, maturity, and confidence. Boys and girls are strictly segregated, and it is TASIS’ policy to mix nationalities and languages within individual rooms. Because of this, TASIS does not accept special roommate requests. The number of students in each dormitory depends on the size of the facility and the age of the students, as students of similar ages are grouped together. Students are encouraged to keep rooms clean and tidy, and counsellors and teachers oversee daily life in the dormitory.

ACREDITATION:  British Council

DATES:  contact us for details


3 weeks £4,670

6 weeks £8,620

If you have any enquiry in relation to the course, you are welcome to contact Anglo Education: info@angloed.com   or Tel: +44 (0)1424 429849