Moreton Hall is predominantly a boarding school although the school welcomes approximately 80 day girls, many of whom board regularly.

Going well beyond the National Curriculum, some 20 subjects are available at GCSE, varying from the traditional academic subjects, such as Latin and the sciences, to practical subjects, such as business, drama, dance and physical education.

All first-year sixth girls take on executive roles in running businesses, shops mostly, a branch of a Bank and a radio/tv station. The degree of independency is astonishing. The aim is to give girls a taste of real life but, of course, it’s a proving ground for those with a taste for it as former pupils testify.

Inspiring teachers, thirty of whom live on campus, almost half of whom are male. Not frightfully selective entrance. Seriously strong Maths and Sciences. Excellent English. Plenty of IT, internet connections everywhere.

Splendid sports hall plus fitness suite. All-weather surface, new swimming pool. Music, ensembles, – instrumental and choral – and a heartening number of brass players.

A school attuned to its market, highly responsive to the needs and inspirations of its parents, constantly evolving. Moreton girls take their place in life after school without adjustment.