Every year students from all over the world arrive at Taunton Summer School to study in a safe, happy, action packed, disciplined and supportive educational environment that challenges, nurtures and inspires every student.

The Summer School courses offer a genuine taste of British boarding school life that students take home as memories, experiences, and friendships they will never forget.

Students receive 25 hours of formal tuition each week. Students study English for 3 hours each day and their chosen course for 2 hours each day.

Academic Lessons

Lessons are taught in well-equipped, spacious, and modern classrooms, with Smartboards in every room and wi-fi widely available across the whole campus. For academic lessons, our facilities include a library, Art studios, Design and Technology workshops and large, fully equipped Science labs.

Students on the academic program study four academic themes in English; two each week.  The content changes on each Summer School so that students studying for 4 or 6 weeks do not repeat lessons.

Scientific Enquiry                           Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics

Application of Mathematics         Engineering, Business and Finance, ICT and Computing, Statistics

Creativity and the Arts                   Art, Drama, Music, Media, and Film

People and Place                             Geography, History, Psychology, Sociology

Within each theme students are taught how to research, organise, evaluate, synthesise, and apply knowledge to different situations. It is an ideal course for students who want to develop their study and critical thinking skills and to become confident, independent learners. Students are encouraged to think creatively, take risks, and draw on their own experiences and the experiences of others.

Students could work individually or as part of a team and to present their work in the form of reports, essays, and presentations. Students benefit from discussion, debate, and collaborative working.

Students who aspire to achieve the highest academic grades need the ability to select and apply their knowledge to a wide range of different situations. Students are increasingly asked to evaluate, argue, form opinion, justify and propose solutions rather than merely remember facts. As adults they will need to transfer their knowledge and skills to the world of work or be able to articulate their views and ideas as they take up their role in society. Our Senior Academic course is designed to fully develop these skills.

English Tuition for 3 hours each day.

Students are taught in age and level-appropriate groups by highly qualified and experienced English teachers, catering for all levels from A1 to C1.

The first two hours of teaching cover the essentials of Grammar, Vocabulary and the four skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Following this, students have a selection of one-hour English Enrichment courses in which they are taught highly dynamic aspects of English acquisition such as Pronunciation, Creative Writing, Vocabulary Development, Public Speaking, Debating, Philosophy & Ethics and Conversational English.

With an average class size of just 8, students can quickly develop their confidence and participation in the use of the English language.  The aim is to develop the student’s ability to work independently, as well as advancing their collaborative skills by working in pairs and in small groups

STEM.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Today’s society depends heavily on technology and, for many students, will form an important part of their future careers and day-to-day lives. Knowing how and why things work, combining Science with a flair for creativity and innovation is both fascinating and challenging.

This two-week programme offers an exciting opportunity for girls and boys, aged 13 – 17, who are interested in modern science and technology.

Complementing the three hours of English lessons, students have two hours each day of highly practical and hands on tuition in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

During their studies, students will investigate, experiment, design and even construct a product, thus following a process from an initial idea to its final completion. Each 2-week course has a different theme and includes a trip to complement the theoretical aspects of STEM learnt in class.

Future Business Leaders

An ideal course for students who want a practical as well as theoretical introduction to business, finance, and economics.

This course provides an ideal introduction to Business, Finance and Economics. Students manage their own stocks and shares portfolio, study global trade and the changing pattern of international commerce, finance and investment, logistics and marketing. Students also receive an introduction to economic theory.

The course includes a visit to a local manufacturer to see how a business operates, how it is structured, and the systems needed to run it. Students also attend lectures by local business leaders who share their experience in different economic sectors.

As well as theory, students benefit from team building and leadership activities to give them a better understanding of their own strengths and to understand the importance of different roles and skills sets within organisations.

Students undertake several business case studies and are expected to complete an individual or group business project during the course.

Performing Arts

This is an ideal course for students interested in theatre, media and film studies. Students take part in several theatre workshops in characterisation, conveying emotion, comedy, stage combat, body language, voice projection, stage craft and timing. Students can be part of short productions performed to an audience and to try lead and supporting roles.

Students can write and perform their own scripts and screenplays, study set and costume design and the use of visual and audio effects.

The school has its own theatre and several drama studios for the students to use and perform in. Students can visit and perform on stage at a theatre in the world-famous Stratford-upon Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare, and will see a professional show or production.

Golf Academy

This is an exciting opportunity for golfers with some experience who want to improve their skills and enjoy playing golf with other students of the same age. Coaching is provided by qualified PGA coaches who offer a combination of 1:1 and small group tuition. Students will be able to improve their swing, putting, approach shots, hazard play, driving and iron shots during technical clinics. This also includes the use of video analysis technology.

As well as the technical aspects of golf, the course includes lessons in golf etiquette and the rules of play. The coaches will also help students read local conditions such as weather and topography. This is an ideal course for golf lovers who want to combine their hobby with learning English.

The course will be based locally, and all clubs and equipment are provided. Students have access to a driving range, practice nets and putting green and the course also includes rounds of golf at local golf courses and the opportunity for competition.

Tennis Academy

This course is designed for tennis players who want to improve their game and can play competitive tennis whilst learning English. Lessons are taught by LTA qualified coaches on our outstanding school courts. Students will have the opportunity to play singles and doubles games, play on different surfaces and play competitively in the Summer School Tournament.

Students will receive group and 1:1 clinic to improve their ground strokes, service game, net play, volley, and overhead shots. Coaching includes video analysis.

As well as the technical aspects of tennis, the course also covers health and fitness, choosing equipment and clothing, game strategy and the rules of tennis. Tennis rackets are provided.

Activities & Facilities

For co-curricular sports and activities, the site also boasts two indoor swimming pools, two sports halls, a gymnasium, a fully equipped fitness suite, a climbing wall, tennis courts, squash courts, an Olympic-sized all-weather hockey pitch, numerous sports pitches, a theatre, a fully equipped kitchen, a dance studio, and a Music School.

Meals are served in the newly opened dining hall on campus and students can serve themselves from a wide selection of hot and cold food, with meat, fish, vegetarian, and salad options always available.

Over the duration of their course, students see many different aspects of British culture, such as the galleries and museums of London, the world- famous colleges of Oxford University, Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon, the Roman City of Bath through to the historic city port of Bristol and World Heritage Site of Stonehenge.

Excursions are also about having fun, so some courses include trips to theme parks, beaches, and famous cities, as well as offering the chance to explore the outstanding natural beauty in the area surrounding Taunton School.


Taunton School quickly becomes a home from home for our students and no matter how far they have travelled, they soon feel comfortable, confident, and secure with their new ‘family’ and friends.

Students reside in one of two comfortable boarding houses (Thone or The Grange) in bedrooms of between three to six students. Wherever possible, we make sure they share with students of a different first language. This helps students to always speak English and is one of the reasons why progress in the English language is so noticeable.

2 weeks fees

Academic Programming: 13–17 years old £2750

Future Business Leaders: 15–17 years old £2750

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: 13–17 years old £2750

Performing Arts: 13–17 years old £2750

Golf Academy: 13–17 years old £2750

Tennis Academy: 13–17 years old £2750


ACREDITATION:  Independent ‘Boarding’ School

DATES:  contact us for details

If you have any enquiry in relation to the course, you are welcome to contact Anglo Education: info@angloed.com

or Tel: +44 (0)1424 429849